Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 113-C (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Topical C: Fuel Cells and Alternative Fuel Systems (TC)

#538 - Fuel Cell Performance, Durability, and Water Transport (TC005)
This session is on fuel cell performance, durability, and water transport in PEM fuel cells.
Chair:Ken S. Chen
CoChair:P.-C. Sui
3:15 PMWater Problems In PEM Fuel Cells
Zhong-Sheng (Simon) Liu, Qianpu Wang, Datong Song, Cheng Huang, Michael Eikerling, Kourosh Malek, Zetao Xia, Javier Gazzarri, Marc Secanell
3:45 PMWater Transport Characteristics of Gas Diffusion Layer in a PEM Fuel Cell
Ashok S. Damle, Vernon Cole
4:05 PM3-D Modeling of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with Anisotropic Material Properties
P.-C. Sui, Sanjiv Kumar, Ned Djilali
4:25 PMOn the Effects of Non-Uniform Property Distribution Due to Compression in the Gas Diffusion Layer of a Pemfc
Pei-Hung Chi
4:45 PMDevelopment of Cathode Air Filters for PEM Fuel Cell Using Microfibrous Entrapped Sorbents
Abhijeet G. Phalle, Vivekanand Gaur, Bruce Tatarchuk
5:05 PMA Predictive Pressure Drop Model for a Designing and Optimizing Cathode Air Filters
Ryan A. Sothen, Bruce Tatarchuk
5:25 PMA Numerical Investigation on the Flow, Thermal and Electrical Coupling in a Pemfc Stack
P.-C. Sui, Ned Djilali

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