Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 113-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Electronics and Photonics (08e)

#566 - Transport Phenomena In Electronic Materials Processing (08E05)
Transport Phenomena in Electronic Materials Processing
Chair:W. Robert Ashurst
CoChair:Jeffrey J. Derby
3:15 PMExplanation for Benefits of Millisecond Annealing In Ultrashallow Junction Formation
Edmund G. Seebauer, Charlotte T. M. Kwok
3:35 PMThe Combined Role of Transport Phenomena and Interfacial Attachment Kinetics during Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Mercury Cadmium Telluride
Igal G. Rasin, Anne Ben Dov, Ilana Grimberg, Olga Klin, Eliezer Weiss, Simon Brandon
3:55 PMFirst Principles Determination of Highly Mobile Dopant-Interstitial Complexes and Their Relative Contribution to Dopant Diffusion In Silicon
Kyoung E. Kweon, Gyeong S. Hwang
4:15 PMComputational Insights into the (Complex) Aggregation Physics of Self-Interstitials
Sumeet Kapur, Talid Sinno
4:35 PMA Comprehensive Model for Coupled Oxide Precipitation and Point Defect Aggregation In Crystalline Silicon
Rubal Dua, Talid Sinno
4:55 PMOptically Stimulated Diffusion In Ultrashallow Junction Formation
Yevgeniy Kondratenko, Charlotte Kwok, Edmund G. Seebauer
5:15 PMMorphological Stability Analysis of Planar Crystalline Solid Surfaces Under the Simultaneous Action of Electric Fields and Mechanical Stresses
Vivek Tomar, M. Rauf Gungor, Dimitrios Maroudas

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