Thursday, November 20, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Polymers (08a)

#722 - Poster Session: Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (08A18)
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Chair:Erin Jablonski
CoChair:Thomas H. Epps III
Part 1 
Development of Double-Layer Hydrogels for Agricultural Applications
Sangjoon Kim, Arunan Nadarajah
A Modular Approach to Organic Light-Emitting Materials with Tunable Charge Injection and Transport Properties
Andrew C. A. Chen, Jason U. Wallace, Ching W. Tang, Shaw H. Chen
Coarse-Grained Simulation of DNA Dynamics in Sub-Persistence Length Nanochannels
Yeng-Long Chen
Flow-Induced Temperature Change and Anisotropic Heat Capacity of a Linear Short-Chain Polyethylene Liquid
Brian Edwards, Chunggi Baig
Dynamic Relaxation Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites: Effect of Nanoparticles on the Glass-Rubber and Sub-Glass Transitions
Anthony C. Comer, Victor A. Kusuma, Benny D. Freeman, Douglass S. Kalika
Unraveling Entanglements and Polymer Rheology: New Rules
Richard P. Wool
Kinetic Modeling of Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Linking Control to Reaction Rates
Dagmar R. D'hooge, Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Guy B. Marin
Open-Pore Polyurethane for Vacuum Insulated Panels
Jun Ji, Houde Han, Ankang Kan
Fibrillar Morphology of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Synthesized Over Heterogeneous Metallocene Catalyst
Joong Jin Han, Sang Bok Lee, Kyu Yong Choi
Modeling Viscoelasticity and Stress Generation In Solidifying Coatings
Daniel J. O'Neal, Alon V. McCormick
Synthesis and Characterization of pH-Responsive P(MAA-co-EGMA) Hydrogel Microparticles for Intelligent Drug Delivery System
Bumsang Kim, Youngsik Lee, Juseung Yang, Eunmi Lee, Won Sun Ryoo, Sang Min Lee, Kyu Sik Kim
Preparation of a Fine Porous Thin Film by Phase Separation Induced in the Course of Drying An Immiscible Polymer Blend Solution
Jae-Kyung Kim, Kentaro Taki, Shinsuke Nagamine, Masahiro Ohshima
Preparation and Evaluation of Thermosensitive Microcapsules Using Double Tube Nozzle
Junichi Ida, Takuro Takahagi, Tatsushi Matsuyama, Hideo Yamamoto
Interactions of Chloride and 3-Mercapto-1-Propanesulfonic Acid In Acidic Copper Sulfate Electrolyte
Hung-Ming Chen, Satish J. Parulekar, Alan Zdunek
Synthesis and Characterization of Interfacially Modified Block Copolymers
Nripen Singh, Thomas H. Epps III
Development of Ion Gels with Addition of Ionic Liquid
Jiao Guo, Kyonsuku Min
Development of a Multi-Variate Statistical Non-Destructive Test for Measuring Aging In Materials
Derrick Rollins, Ai-Ling Teh, Krishna Rajan
A Unifying Approach for Melt Rheology of Linear Polystryene
Sung Hun Kim
Macroscopic Inspection for Nanofiller Dispersion and Polymer Degradation: Fundamental Characterization in Polymer Nanocomposites
Paul J. Hubert, Joseph N. Kuterbach, Christopher E. Roman, Katsuyuki Wakabayashi
Fabrication of Self-Supporting, Hierarchical 3D Nanocomposites with Multi-Scale Controllable Features
Christine M. Andres, Nicholas A. Kotov
Stress-Induced Crystallization of Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) Fibers by Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Min-Kang Hsieh, Shiang-Tai Lin
Physical Chemical Properties of Phase Separated Polymersomes
Aiwei Tian, David A. Christian, Dennis E. Discher, Tobias Baumgart
Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of Expanded Plystyrene in Different Gaseous Environments
Pravin Kannan, Joseph J. Biernacki, Donald P. Visco, William Lambert
Particle Dynamics and Adhesion In a Biomimetic System: Skipping, Rolling, and Arrest Governed by Spatially Varying Colloidal Interactions
Jeffrey M. Davis, Ranojoy D. Duffadar, Maria M. Santore
Structural and Thermo-Mechanical Characteristics of High-Amylose Starch/bionolle Nanocomposite Blends
Sotirios, I. Marras, Ioannis Zuburtikudis, Kyriaki Tornikidou, Athanasia Tsimpliaraki, Elpiniki Panayiotidou, Georgia Christofidou
Oxygen Permeability of Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings
Matteo Minelli, Maria Grazia De Angelis, Ferruccio Doghieri, Michele Marini, Maurizio Toselli, Francesco Pilati
Rigorous Dynamic Model of the High-Pressure Polymerization of Ethylene in Tubular Reactors Able to Predict the Full Molecular Weight Distribution
Mariano Asteasuain, Adriana Brandolin
Probing Mechanical Function of Vertical Multi-Layered Systems by Enhancing the Adhesion at the Interface
Tiffani B. Abernathy, Ravi Ayyer, Eric Baer, Anne Hiltner, LaShanda Korley
Synthesis of Structured Polymer Particles by Micro Dispersive Suspension Polymerization
Yunju Jung, Carla Luciani, Joong Jin Han, Kyu Yong Choi
Synthesis, Characterization and Surface Properties of Fluorinated Methacrylic Polymers for the Protection and Conservation of Stone
Stella K. Papadopoulou, Chrysa Michailof, Ioannis Karapanagiotis, Ioannis Zuburtikudis, Costas Panayiotou
Evolution of Interfacial Water Layers on a Highly Hydroxylated Silica Film: Implications for Cellular Interactions
A. Anderson, W. Robert Ashurst
Maximizing or Eliminating the Effects of Nanoscale Confinement on the Glass Transition In Freely Standing, Supported, and Multilayer Polymer Films
Soyoung Kim, Connie B. Roth, John M. Torkelson
Surface Polymerization of Iron Particles for Magnetorheological Elastomers (MREs) and Their Potential Application as Sensors
Alan Fuchs, Joko Sutrisno, Faramarz Gordaninejad, Mert Caglar, Xiaojie Wang, Yanming Liu
Synthesis of Polypyrrole/azocalix[4]Arene Salts: Electrical Properties and Thermal Stability
Ayse Gul Yavuz, Aysegul Uygun, Songul Sen
Imprint Lithography and Characterization of Photosensitive Polymers for Advanced Microelectronics Packaging
Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Venmathy Rajarathinam, Paul Kohl
"Effect of Asphaltene on Phase-Wetting and Internal Corrosion in Oil-Water Two Phase Flow"
Pankaj Ajmera, Professor Srdjan Nesic
Part 2 
Polyurethanes Based on Polyols from Castor Oil, Starch Granules and Starch-Derived Glycol and Glycerol Glycosides: Morphology, Synthesis, Chemical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties
Álvaro Rámirez Sr., Manuel F. Valero, Jorge E Pulido, Zhenhdong Cheng
One-Part Geopolymer Mixes from Geothermal Silica and Sodium Aluminate
Ailar Hajimohammadi, John L. Provis, Jannie S. J. Van Deventer
Development and Characterization of Copolymers from Renewable Resource Monomers
Mathew D. Rowe, Keisha B. Walters
The Rheology, Degradation, and Processing of Renewable Resource Polymers
Graham H. Harrison, Jason D. Conrad
One-Step Functionalization of Cellulosic Nanowhiskers Using Renewable Reagents
Birgit Braun, John R Dorgan
Palm Oil Based Epoxides as Pvc Plasticizers: Synthesis, Characterization and Incorporation and Their Thermomechanical and Chemical Properties
José Rodrigo Gómez-Díaz, Alejandro Boyaca, Luis Francisco Boada Eslava
Environmentally Friendly Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis for Improved Polyethylene Products
Savvas Vasileiadis, Zoe Ziaka
Part 3 
Nafion-Based Anion Exchange Membranes for the Alkaline Fuel Cell
Holly Schaeffer, Yossef A. Elabd
Wetting and Absorption of Water Drops on Nafion Films
Sharonmoyee Goswami, Shannon Klaus, Jay B. Benziger
Microstructure Transitions of Lithium Salt Doped PS-B-PEO Copolymer
Wen-Shiue Young, Paul Brigandi, Thomas H. Epps, III
Diffusion of Water and Methanol In Nafion: In Situ Infrared Experiments and Multicomponent Models
James A. Throckmorton, Daniel T. Hallinan Jr., Yossef A. Elabd
Novel Organometallic Low Energy Gap Materials and Synthetic Models of Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenase (CODH) In Biological System
Jibin Sun
Inverse Opal Topology of TiO2 Electrodes for Photoelectrochemical Cells
Sonia S. Mathew, Ilona Kretzschmar
Synthesis and Reversible Wettability of Conducting Polyaniline Films Consisting of Helical Microfibers
Lianbin Xu, Yushan Yan, Jian-Feng Chen
Electrochemical Supercapacitors Based on Polymerizable Ionic Liquids
Surya Sekhar Moganty, Joshua Close, Pubudu Goonetilleke, Sitaraman Krishnan, Ruth Baltus, Dipankar Roy
Part 4 
Cyclic Acetal Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
Minal Patel, John P. Fisher
Synthesis and Characterization of Alpha-Helical Peptide-Based Anchors for Tether Supported Membranes
Lina Zhong, Raymond Tu, M. Lane Gilchrist
Replication of Intestinal Basement Membrane Via Chemical Vapor Deposited Silica Thin Films
Brian J. McMahon, Rebecca Carrier, Daniel Burkey
Biomimetic Polymer Membranes Exhibiting Curvature-Dependent Adhesion
Maria M. Santore, Jin Nam
Localized Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Cancer
Marlyn Colon, Eva Christabel Williams, Ryan Toomey, Norma Alcantar
A Two-Step Process for the Synthesis of Poly(L-lactic acid)
In Hak Baick, Yuesheng Ye, Kyu Yong Choi
Structure and Stability of Electrospun Pvdf/Chitosan Nanofiber
France Noelle B. Villaruel, Hern Kim
Adhesive Properties and Thermodynamic Stability of Hpc:PEG Films
Marlena Brown, Paul Takhistov
Development of Sustained Fluoride Releasing Elastomeric Rings for Orthodontic Applications
Shadeed M. Khan, Ozge Guney-Altay, Eser Tufekci
Photo-Induced Locomotion of Chemo-Responsive Polymer Gels
Pratyush Dayal, Olga Kuksenok, Anna C. Balazs

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