Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 105-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Polymers (08a)

#46 - Nanoscale Structure in Polymers I (08A13)
Block copolymer and polymer blend systems provide the opportunity to design materials for next-generation applications based on their ability to self-assemble into nanoscale structures. This session focuses on the ordering and stability of nanostructured polymeric materials generated using copolymers and blends. Both experimental and theoretical works are welcome, and should provide insights into nanostructure formation.
Chair:Thomas H. Epps III
8:30 AMThermoplastic Elastomers Containing Crystalline and Glassy Components from Single-Phase Melts
John P. Bishop, Richard A. Register
8:55 AMThin Film Morphologies of Rod-Coil Block Copolymer
Manas R. Shah, Venkat Ganesan
9:20 AMSymmetric Diblock Copolymers In Nanopores: Self-Consistent Field Calculations
Dong Meng, Qiang Wang
9:45 AMTunable Nanophase Segregation of Gradient Copolymers: Ordering In Novel Materials with Sinusoidal Composition Profiles across Lamellar Nanodomains
Michelle Mok, Christopher J. Ellison, Wesley Burghardt, John M. Torkelson
10:10 AMNovel Characterization of Critical Micelle Concentrations of Block and Gradient Copolymers In Homopolymer: Effects of Sequence Distribution, Composition and Molecular Weight
Robert W. Sandoval, Daniel Williams, Christopher Wong, Jungki Kim, Connie B. Roth, John M. Torkelson
10:35 AMWell Ordered Polymer Melts from Low Molar Mass Surfactants upon Blending with Selectively Associating Additives
Vikram Daga, Vijay R. Tirumala, Curran Chandler, Alvin H. Romang, Eric Anderson, Eric K. Lin, James J. Watkins

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