Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 102-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Polymers (08a)

#437 - Polymer Reaction Engineering Kinetics and Catalysis I (08A12)
This session will cover topics of current interest in polymerization kinetics, catalysis and reaction engineering. Talks may include areas such as the chemistry of polymerization, polymer reactions and physical interactions, design of new catalysts for controlled polymerizations, and polymerizations in novel media and/or reactor configurations. Papers highlighting the engineering aspects of polymerization such as control of reaction conditions are welcome. Methods used to investigate and characterize reactions and microenvironments within polymer systems are also encouraged.
Chair:You Yeon Won
8:30 AMInvestigation of NMR Signal Loss during Hydrolytic Polycondensation of Organoalkoxysilanes
Jyothirmai Ambati, Stephen E. Rankin
8:51 AMKinetic Modeling of Single-Site Olefin Polymerization with Multi-Response Data: Even Models with Many Parameters Cannot Fit An Elephant
Krista A. Novstrup, Grigori A. Medvedev, Nicholas E. Travia, Corneliu Stanciu, Jeffery M. Switzer, Thomas A. Manz, W. Nicholas Delgass, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar, James M. Caruthers
9:12 AMKinetics of Carbon Accelerated Radical Polymerization (CARP)—the Role of Diffusional Limitations
Ruohua Xiong, Fouad Teymour, Hamid Arastoopour
9:33 AMWell Defined Nanoparticles from Controlled Inverse Miniemulsion Polymerization
Genggeng Qi, Christopher W Jones, F. Joseph Schork
9:54 AMMathematical Modeling of a Dispersive Suspension Polymerization
Carla Luciani, Yunju Jung, Joong Jin Han, Kyu Yong Choi
10:15 AMKinetic Study of the Factors Affecting the Compositional Gradient along Copolymer Chains
Lin Wang, Linda J. Broadbelt
10:36 AMReaction Analysis of “Living/Controlled” Polymerization Techniques Used to Enhance Binding Characteristics of Highly Crosslinked Imprinted Polymer Networks
Vishal D. Salian, Asa D. Vaughan, Mark E. Byrne

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