Friday, November 21, 2008: 10:45 AM-1:15 PM
Room 103-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Polymers (08a)

#772 - Thermodynamics of Polymers II (08A04)
We invite contributions associated with the thermodynamics of polymeric systems such as solutions, blends, block and random copolymers, networks, gels, polyelectrolyte solutions, and ionomers. We accept experimental work on phase equilibria in polymers, Landau-based, statistical mechanical and field-theoretical approaches, and novel molecular simulation methodologies.
Chair:G. Orkoulas
10:45 AMSorption Equilibria of CO2 In Atactic Polystyrene by Molecular Simulation
Theodora Spyriouni, Georgios C. Boulougouris, Doros N. Theodorou
11:03 AMAtomistic Simulation of Poly(dimethylsiloxane): Structure, Thermodynamic and Diffusion Properties to Gases and N-Alkanes
Ioannis G. Economou, Zoi A. Makrodimitri
11:21 AMHeteropolymers with Adjustable Monomer Sequences (HAMS) as Compatibilizers for Homopolymer Blends
Ravish Malik, Carol K. Hall, Jan Genzer
11:39 AMAthermal Contribution to the Excess Entropy in the Long Chain Limit
J. Richard Elliott, Neil H. Gray, Amir Vahid
11:57 AMPolymer-CO2 Interfaces In Equilibrium. A Density Functional Study
Manish Talreja, Isamu Kusaka, David L. Tomasko
12:15 PMModeling the Phase Behavior of Polydisperse Rodlike Molecules with Attractive Interactions
Micah J. Green, Nicholas G. Parra-Vasquez, Natnael Behabtu, Virginia A. Davis, Matteo Pasquali
12:33 PMCompressible Lattice Model for CO2+ Cosolvent + Polymer Systems
Yanhui Yuan, Anupama Kasturirangan, Amyn S. Teja
12:51 PMExtension of the Friction Theory to the Description of the Rheological Behavior of Polymer Systems
Sergio E. Quiñones-Cisneros, Juan P. Aguayo, Octavio Manero, Torben Laursen, Ulrich K. Deiters

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