Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
414/415 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Polymers (08a)

#318 - Structure and Properties of Polymers II (08A02)
Minor perturbations in the structure of polymeric materials can greatly impact the physical properties. This session will focus on topics related to general structure-property relationships in polymer science and engineering. Structures on length scales from the molecular level (e.g., functionalization) to the macroscale (e.g., dendrites) can be discussed. Different routes to control polymer structure including synthesis, functionalization, processing with external fields (electric, magnetic, flow), and related areas to structural characterization are sought.
Chair:Bryan D. Vogt
CoChair:Christopher J. Ellison
12:30 PMYield Stress of Ethylene-Methacrylic Acid Copolymers and Ionomers
Robert C. Scogna, Richard A. Register
12:55 PMNanofilled and Nanoporous Epoxies: Processing Routes, Size-Scale Transitions, and Mechanical Properties
Robert J. Klein, John L. Schroeder, Joseph L. Lenhart
1:20 PMDynamics of Polymer Nanocomposites Under Stress
Robert A. Riggleman, Gregory N. Toepperwein, Juan J. de Pablo
1:45 PMMulti-Length Scale Structure of Segmented PEG-Based Ionomers
Wenqin Wang, Shichen Dou, Gregory J. Tudryn, Ralph H. Colby, Karen I. Winey
2:10 PMEffect of Polymer Mobility on Conductivity of Single-Ion Conductors
Kokonad Sinha, Janna K. Maranas
2:35 PMAggregation In Dilute Solutions of High Molar Mass Poly(ethylene) Oxide and Its Effect on Polymer Turbulent Drag Reduction
Abhishek M. Shetty, Michael J. Solomon

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