Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Salon J (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Bio Separations (02g)

#312 - Plenary Session II on Bioseparations: Novel Approaches to Bioseparations (02G02)
Papers by invitations only.
Chair:Alan K. Hunter
CoChair:Natarajan Ramasubramanyan
12:30 PMInvestigation of Protein Binding In Ion Exchange and Multi-Modal Chromatographic Systems Using Homologous Protein Libraries, NMR and EPR
Steven M. Cramer, Wai Keen Chung, Alex Freed, Ying Hou, Sarah Dekat, Scott McCallum, K.V. Lakshmi, George Makhatadze
12:50 PMAssessment of a Site and Scale Change for the Manufacture of Gardasil
David Wohlpart, Dicky Abraham
1:10 PMUse of Particle Size Analysis to Characterize Bed Stability Over Multiple Cycles in a Packed Chromatography Column
Brad M. Matanin, John Higgins, David A. Page
1:30 PMInnovative Approaches for Removal of Persistent Host Cell Proteins
Sa V. Ho
1:50 PMEnhancing Affinity Chromatography Resin Efficiency Using 3 Column Periodic Continuous Chromatography
Ekta Mahajan, Anupa George, Karol M. Lacki, Bradley Wolk, Kirk Eppler
2:10 PMMathematical Tools for Efficient Purification Process Development
Thomas R. Gervais, Dennis Dong, Nicole Quinlan, Alison Walsh, Marijana Stella, Patricia Alred, Pedro Alfonso
2:30 PMPreparative Separations of Acidic Protein Mixtures and Protein Charge Variants by Chromatofocusing with Unretained Buffers
Timothy M. Pabst, Giorgio Carta, Alan K. Hunter, Natarajan Ramasubramanyan

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