Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Commonwealth C (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03c)

#484 - Measurement, Monitoring and Characterization Methods for Particulate Systems (03C06)
Particulate materials pervade almost every economic sector as feed-stocks, intermediaries or products. Annual production varies from kilogram quantities for some specialty chemicals to hundreds of thousands of tonnes for some pigments and millions of tonnes for some plastics. In this session we encourage papers relevant to the handling transport and storage of bulk materials. Topics of interest include flow measurement, and measurement and characterization of particle physical properties including size, shape and density; we are also interested in the interaction of particulate matter with the process (for example erosion and wear). Papers on in-line systems that provide data in real time, and (rapid) characterization methods requiring small sample size are particularly welcome.
Chair:Clive E. Davies
CoChair:Steve J. Tallon
CoSponsor(s):Particle Production and Characterization (03a)
12:30 PMDetermining the Density and Moisture Content of Powders Using Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy
Talesha T. Hall, Michael T. Harris
12:55 PMCorrelating Retention and Drainage in Papermaking with Flocculation: Effect of Polyelectrolyte Branching
Elisabete Antunes, Fernando A.P. Garcia, Paulo Ferreira, Maria da Graca Rasteiro
1:20 PMExperimental Investigation into Shielding Effect of Magnetic Powder on Drilling Fluid
S. Ding, Biplab Data, a. Saasen, P.a. Amundsen
1:45 PMSolids Drying Process Simulation by Solidsim --- a New Tool for Flow Sheeting of Solids Processes
Ting(Tim) Han, Joerg Theuerkauf
2:10 PMGranulation Time in Fluidized Bed Granulators
Papiya Roy, Rajesh Khanna, Subbarao Duvvuri

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