Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Congress C Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03c)

#445 - Solids Handling and Processing (03C02)
Papers on all aspects of solids handling, transport, storage and processing operations are included in the session scope. We welcome research investigations, industrial case histories, and papers on product applications for both dry and wet systems. In particular, we encourage submissions which consider the relationship and interaction between particle and material properties and process equipment, and product specifications and requirements. Papers addressing fundamental and phenomenological issues are also welcome.
Chair:Clive E. Davies
CoChair:Jim Davis
8:30 AMDevelopment of a Visco-Plastic Constitutive Law for Dense Flow of Granular Matter
Mehrdad Kheiripour Langroudi, Gabriel I. Tardos
8:50 AMPredicting Discharge Dynamics from a Rectangular Hopper Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)
Anshu Anand, Jennifer S. Curtis, Carl R. Wassgren, Bruno C. Hancock, William R. Ketterhagen
9:10 AMUse of the Attainable Region (AR) Analysis to Optimize Particle Agglomeration and Breakage Operations
Matthew J. Metzger, Benjamin J. Glasser, David Glasser, Brendon Hausberger, Diane Hildebrandt, Ngangezwe Khumalo
9:30 AMClassification of Fine Particles Using a Taylor-Couette Device
Navina D. Tungapindi, Kimberly H. Henthorn
9:50 AMPower Consumption and Granular Flow In a Vibro-Fluidized Stirred Granular Bed
Kenneth J. Ford, James F. Gilchrist, Hugo S. Caram
10:10 AMDensity Measurements In a Vibro-Fluidized Deep Granular Bed
Kenneth J. Ford, James F. Gilchrist, Hugo S. Caram
10:30 AMSpray Drying of Large Particles of Film Forming Materials
P. Threlfall-Holmes, R. Ocone

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