Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Congress C Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03c)

#28 - Dynamics and Modeling of Particulate Systems I (03C01)
The session will focus on the advancement of chemical engineers ability to understand, predict, design, and thus optimize particulate systems. Advances in experimental methods, numerical simulations and granular theories have the potential to improve nucleation and aggregation/agglomeration/coalescence dynamics in particulate systems (including solid/liquid and solid/gas) and thus control size and topography (e.g., fractal dimension) of products. Increasing computational power and new numerical/analytical techniques from Applied Mechanics have allowed for increasingly complex particulate systems to be modeled and have set the stage for future work in such diverse areas as mixing/segregation, granulation, fluidization, and pneumatic conveying, to name but a few.
Chair:James F. Gilchrist
CoChair:Joerg Theuerkauf
8:30 AMInsights in Scaling and Optimization of Ball Mill Operations - a Discrete Element Method Based Approach
Joerg Theuerkauf, Kaustubh S. Mujumdar
8:48 AMCharacterization of Granular Flow In a Bladed Mixer Using the Discrete Element Method
Brenda Remy, Johannes G. Khinast, Benjamin J. Glasser
9:06 AMMixing Analysis of Binary System of Particles in An Agitated Bed by Discrete Element Method
Ajit Mujumdar, Masayuki Horio, Toshio Maetani, Naomichi Nakamura
9:24 AMRheological Behavior of Quasi-Static Granular Flows Under Unsteady Simple Shear
Jin Sun, Lee R. Aarons, Sankaran Sundaresan
9:42 AMUsing Janus Particles to Control Mixing/Segregating of Adhesive Granular Materials in Rotating Tumblers
Isabel Figueroa, Joseph J. McCarthy
10:00 AMGranular Mixing and Segregation In Zig-Zag Chute Flow
Suman K. Hajra, Deliang Shi, Watson L. Vargas, J. J. McCarthy
10:18 AMDiscrete Element Method Simulations of Dry Impregnation Processes in Catalysts
M. Silvlna Tomassone, Charles Radeke, Arthur W. Chester
10:36 AMA DE Numerical Study upon Particulate Solids Flow from Model Silos
Guoxian Xiao, Delong Xu, S. Ding

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