Thursday, November 20, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Extractions (02c)

#720 - Poster Session: Fundamentals and Applications of Extraction (02C01)
Poster presentations are welcome in all areas of extraction research and development, including, but not limited to, extraction fundamentals, new solvents such as ionic liquids, new processes, and new contacting and sensing/monitoring equipment.
Chair:Vincent Vanbrunt
CoChair:Frank Seibert
Medicinal Herb Extraction Strategy - a Solvent Selection and Extraction Method Study
Xun Yan, Jatinder Rana, Amitabh Chandra, Doug Vredeveld, Haywood Ware, John Rebhun, Timothy Mulder, Kathryn Persons, Dorothy Zemaitis, Yingqin Li
Optimization of the Extraction Process of β-Glucans from Barley
Oscar Benito, Esther Alonso, Susana Lucas
Sugaring-out. A Novel Phase Separation and Extraction System
Bin Wang, Thaddeus Ezejias, Hao Feng, Hans Blaschek
An Innovative Approach on the Separation of Metal
Yu Lung Lam, Kwong Yu Chan
Atomistic Simulation of Uranyl Ion Extraction by Tbp/dodecane Solution
Xianggui Ye, Shengting Cui, Valmor de Almeida, Bamin Khomami

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