Thursday, November 20, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 105-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Energetics (03e)

#716 - Thermophysical Properties of Energetic Materials Predictions and Experimental Measurements (03E04)
The focus of the session (03E04) is on theoretical prediction and measurement of thermophysical properties of energetic materials. The properties of explosives and propellant compounds are important for manufacturing and packaging munitions and for predicting and managing any resulting environmental consequences of their use. We encourage you to submit an abstract for presentation at the session.
Chair:Veera Boddu
CoChair:Paul Redner
3:15 PMWelcoming Remarks
3:17 PMMesoscale Modeling of Energy Release Processes: Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations of Shear Initiated Behavior
John K. Brennan, Martin Lisal, Josep Bonet Avalos
3:35 PMMolecular Dynamics Simulation of the Kinetic Reaction of Ni and Al Nanoparticles
Brian J. Henz, Takumi Hawa, Michael Zachariah
3:53 PMExperimental Study of Ignition of Magnesium Powder by Electro-Static Discharge
Ervin Beloni, Edward L. Dreizin
4:11 PMBreak
4:16 PMT-Jump Mass Spectrometry to Probe Condensed State Reactive Processes
Lei Zhou, Nicholas Piekiel, Snehaunshu Chowdhury, Michael Zachariah
4:34 PMThermophysical Property Prediction of Energetic Materials with Atomistic Computer Simulations
Nandhini Sokkalingam, Marybeth H. Ketko, Jeffrey J. Potoff
4:52 PMMonte Carlo Simulations of 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6-Trinitrobenzene (TATB): Pvt Data, Phase Equilibria, and Solubility
J. Ilja Siepmann, Neeraj Rai, John L. Lewin, Divesh Bhatt, Laurence E. Fried
5:10 PMPrediction of Physicochemical Properties of Energetic Materials
Siri Chakka, Veera M. Boddu, Stephen W. Maloney, Reddy Damavarapu
5:28 PMMechanism and Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of Cl-20:
Olexandr Isayev, Leonid Gorb, Mo Qasim, Jerzy Leszczynski
5:46 PMConcluding Remarks

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