Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Franklin 1 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Nuclear Engineering Division (14)

#374 - Progress toward Energy Sustainability and Security (14003)
Presentations reporting the progress, as a nation, towards developing nuclear or renewable energy sources that decrease carbon emissions and dependence on foreign oil. Presentations on the interest and progress towards the integration and co-location of bio-fuels and nuclear energy plants; the strategy for advanced sustainable nuclear systems; and progress towards the opening of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and generating a sound technical basis for future high-level waste management. Presentations concerning the status and future direction of GNEP.
Chair:Daniel P. Lambert
CoChair:Arlin L. Olson
CoSponsor(s):Transport and Energy Processes (07)
Environmental Division (09)
Government Relations Committee (18b)
Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)
Topical G: International Fusion Energy Technology Topical (TG)
3:15 PMA New Co Conversion Technology Based on Liquid/Liquid Extraction Column
Denis Ode, Gilles Borda, Jean Duhamet, Patrick Allegri
3:40 PMSolid State Separations of Cs and Sr from Licl-Based Salt for Electrochemical Processing of Spent Oxide Nuclear Fuel
Prateek Sachdev, Michael F. Simpson
4:05 PMRemoval of Acetic Acid from a Urex+ Raffinate Stream
Jessica Mitchell, Robert M. Counce, J.S. Watson, Barry Spencer, Guillermo (Bill) Del Cul
4:30 PMDisposition of Surplus Highly Enriched Uranium through Downblending and Purification for Placement in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Michael A. Rush, Norman P. Jacob, Patrick L. Koppel, Ray. A. Bond
4:55 PMReprocessing Spent Nuclear Fuel Using Aqueous Carbonate-Peroxide Solutions
George S. Goff, Lia F. Brodnax, Michael R. Cisneros, Wolfgang Runde

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