Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 201-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Information Technology (10e)

#249 - Smart Manufacturing Plants: Boosting Productivity and Competitiveness of US Industry (10E04)
Five presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion. Smart Manufacturing Plants prevent problems before they occur. Examples of problems Smart Plants prevent include unplanned shutdowns, excessive energy use,unwanted safety events, and environmental emissions. Accurate real time material and heat balances around individual processes are the foundation of the Smart Plant. Such balances are enabled by accurate real time plant measurements (e.g. flow rates, compositions, temperatures, etc).
Chair:Jimmy L. Humphrey
Cochairs:John Forgac
Douglas H. Lenz
Son X. Huynh
Mukund Karanjikar
8:30 AMPreventing Plant Problems Before They Occur
Douglas H. Lenz, Daniel L. Chester
8:50 AMThe Evolution of the Smart Plant In the Industrial Gas Business
Larry Megan
9:10 AMEarly Warning, Cloud Computing & Semantic Modeling in Smart Manufacturing
Son X. Huynh, David L. Haake
9:30 AMNSF Technology Roadmap Development Workshop on Smart Manufacturing
Jim Davis, Thomas F. Edgar
9:50 AMSmart Manufacturing Plants: Advances and Priorities
Jimmy L. Humphrey, A. Frank Seibert, J. Christopher Lewis, John P. Farone
10:10 AMRoundtable Discussion, "Overcoming Barriers to Smart Manufacturing Plants"
John Forgac, Miguel J. Bagajewicz, Larry Megan

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