Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 104-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (01a)

#519 - Advanced Fluids (01A10)
Advanced fluids are ionic liquids, supercritical media, water, liquid polymers, polyethylene glycols and ethers. Fields of application are: reaction/catalysis, separation, electrochemistry, performance additives, analysis/sensors and purification processes. The aim of this session is to show how the special properties of advances fluids can be used to develop advanced processes. In addition, papers on the thermodynamic properties of advanced fluids are welcome.
Chair:Wolfgang Arlt
CoChair:Edward J. Maginn
3:15 PMWelcoming Remarks
3:20 PMModelling Hydrogen-Bonding Fluid Mixtures Using Insight Gained from Spectroscopy
Nicolas von Solms, Lars Jensen, Michael L. Michelsen, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis
3:40 PMAb Initio Calculations and Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Imidazolium [Tf2N] Ionic Liquids: Microscopic Structure and Thermodynamic Properties
Ioannis G. Economou, Georgia Evangelia Logotheti, Javier Ramos, Alexander Vanin
4:00 PMOn the Use of Molecular Modeling to Predict a Wide Range of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties for the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Ethylsulfate and Its Mixtures with Water
Manish S. Kelkar, Edward J. Maginn
4:20 PMModeling of Reaction with Immobilized Ionic Liquids
Wolfgang Arlt, Alexander Buchele
4:40 PMThe Inverse Design of Ionic Liquids for Pretreatment of Cellulose
Donald P. Visco Jr., Derick C. Weis, Jean-Loup Faulon, Blake A. Simmons
5:00 PMThe Temperature and Size Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
Michael P. Beck, Pramod Warrier, Amyn S. Teja
5:20 PMThermal Conductivity of Nanofluids of Aqueous Dispersions of Nanoclay and Surfactant Micelles
Sushant Agarwal, Lynn M. Walker, Lee White, Phuoc X. Tran, Yee Soong, Rakesh K. Gupta
5:40 PMConcluding Remarks

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