Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 109-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Transport Processes (01d)

#34 - Fundamental Research In Transport Processes I (01D03)
This is the historical session presenting the latest research in the field of transport processes. The session focuses on fundamental theories, novel experimental approaches and data, and new ways of representing transport processes.
Chair:Dmitry I. Kopelevich
CoChair:Joel L. Plawsky
CoSponsor(s):Transport and Energy Processes (07)
8:30 AMHydrodynamic Diffusion and Mass Transfer across a Sheared Suspension
Donald L. Koch, Luying Wang, Xiaolong Yin, Claude Cohen
8:51 AMLimitations and Generalizations of the Classical Model for Diffusion In Fluids
G.L. Aranovich, M.D. Donohue
9:12 AMDiffusion and Percolation in Systems Exhibiting Dynamic Disorder: Simulation and Scaling Results
Chia-Ling Chen, Yonathan Shapir, Eldred Chimowitz
9:33 AMMeasurements of Charge Transport Processes Occurring at Alkane Thiol Modified Gold Electrodes In Contact with Aqueous Electrolytes
Chaitanya Gupta, Mark A. Shannon, Paul J. A. Kenis
9:54 AMDevelopment of Step-Scan Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Techniques for Direct Measurement of Intra-Membrane Transport Phenomena
Christopher J. Russell, Weontae Oh, Sankar Nair
10:15 AMRheology of Liquid Metals: Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations at Experimentally Accessible Shear Rates
Jerome Delhommelle, Caroline Desgranges
10:36 AMThermal Transport at the Solid-Fluid Boundaries of Silicon Nano-Membranes/wafers
Sohail Murad, Ishwar K. Puri

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