Thursday, November 20, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 109-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Bionanotechnology (22b)

#610 - Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Biomolecular Catalysis III (22B10)
Recent advances in nano-scale science and technology are fueling a revolutionary development in biocatalysis. The focus of this session is to reflect the latest advances in the development of nanobiocatalysts and the use of that type of catalysts for the construction of novel reactors, sensors, self-assemblies and other devices. Topics to be covered will include, but are not limited to: Biocatalyst development via the use of nano-structured materials; Biocatalytic reaction engineering in micro reactors, assemblies or other devices; Application of novel nanobiocatalysts for enzymatic bioprocessing for chemical production, biodegradation, biochemical separation/purification and fuel processing; and Studies of protein structure-function relationships relevant to biocatalysis, molecular recognition, and stability.
Chair:Jungbae Kim
CoChair:Ping Wang
8:30 AMNanoscale Engineering for Cytochrome P450 System
Teruyuki Nagamune
8:55 AMStructure and Transport in High-Rate Biocatalytic Electrodes
Scott Calabrese Barton, Ramanujam Kothandaraman, Hao Wen
9:20 AMNew Possibility: Biofuel Cells with Stabilized Enzyme Activity
Su Ha
9:45 AMStructure, Function, and Stability of Enzymes Covalently Attached to Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes
Prashanth Asuri, Sandeep S. Karajanagi, Ravindra C. Pangule, Dhiral A. Shah, Shyam Sundar Bale, Ravi S. Kane, Jonathan S. Dordick
10:10 AMHighly Enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Biomolecular Microarray on Large-Area Metal Nanopatterned Substrate
Hee-Tae Jung
10:35 AMProtein Patterning through Microcontact Printing with Sortase
Ranganath Parthasarathy, Scott Retterer, Mitchel J Doktycz, Eric T. Boder

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