Thursday, November 20, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 111-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Bionanotechnology (22b)

#605 - Micro- and Nanodevices for Targeted Therapeutics (22B07)
This session will include papers applying micro- and nanoscale devices for application in targeted therapeutics.
Chair:Samir Mitragotri
CoChair:Millicent Sullivan
8:30 AMLow Temperature Tetherless Grippers for Medicine
Timothy Leong, Christina Randall, Bryan Benson, David H. Gracias
8:50 AMEngineering Mucus Penetrating Particles for Transmucosal Delivery
Samuel K. Lai, Ying-Ying Wang, Ming Yang, Amanda Pace, Benjamin C. Tang, Richard Cone, Justin Hanes
9:10 AMTargeting Colon Cancer Cells Using Pegylated Liposomes Modified with a Fibronectin-Mimetic Peptide
Ashish Garg, Alison W. Tisdale, Efrosini Kokkoli
9:30 AMDesigning Nanotherapeutics Via Prediction of Nanoparticle-Protein Binding Interactions
Esther S. Jeng, Michael S. Strano
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMGold Nanorod Architectures for Targeted Delivery of Combination Treatments to Cancer Cells
Huang-Chiao Huang, Jared Burdick, Joseph Wang, Kaushal Rege
10:20 AMNanoparticle-Aptamers: An Effective Growth Inhibitor for Human Cancer Cells
Jong Hyun Choi, Kok Hao Chen, Amanda Chaffee, Michael S. Strano
10:40 AMMicrofluidic Blood Cleansing Device for Sepsis Therapy
Chong Wing Yung, Jason Fiering, Donald E. Ingber

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