Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franklin 3 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (22)

#428 - Nanoelectronic Materials I (22007)
We seek papers pertaining to the synthesis, fabrication, characterization and applications of nanoelectronic materials. Experimental, theoretical and computational papers on all aspects of nanoelectronic materials are encouraged.
Chair:Edmund G. Seebauer
CoChair:Dimitrios Maroudas
8:30 AMKinetic Control of Self-Catalyzed Indium Phosphide Nano - Wires, Cones, and Pillars
R. L. Woo, L. Gao, Suneel Kodambaka, Kang L. Wang, Niti Goel, Mantu K. Hudait, Robert F. Hicks
8:50 AMA Theoretical Study of Atomic Wires and Atomic Junctions Created on a Molybdenum Disulfide Surface
Diana M. Otalvaro, Kian Soon Yong, Ravi K Tiwari, Mark Saeys, Christian Joachim
9:10 AMAtomic-Scale Analysis of the Effects of Thermal Treatment and Loading Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Low-Dielectric-Constant Mesoporous Amorphous Silica Films
M. Rauf Gungor, James J. Watkins, Dimitrios Maroudas
9:30 AMOptimization of New Ultralow-K Materials for Vlsi Multilevel Interconnection
Xuan Li, James Economy
9:50 AMCharacterization and Processing/Property Relationships of Semiconducting Polythiophene Nanotubes by Template Wetting Nanofabrication
Steven D. Bearden Jr., Joseph Cannon, Scott A. Gold
10:10 AMUltra-High Strength Due to Dislocation Depletion In Small-Volume Structures of Face-Centered Cubic Metals
Kedarnath Kolluri, M. Rauf Gungor, Dimitrios Maroudas
10:30 AMSurface Effects on Oxygen Defects In TiO2 for Nanoelectronic Materials
Alice G. Hollister, Edmund G. Seebauer

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