Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franklin 1 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Nuclear Engineering Division (14)

#216 - Engineering Applications of Radioisotopes (14002)
This session brings together representatives from academia, industry, and government involved in the production, purification, and application of radioisotopes. Papers focused on the application of chemical engineering fundamentals to areas including target irradiation, separations of radioactive materials, development and application of analytical techniques, medical radioisotope development and delivery, space applications, and non-proliferation applications are strongly encouraged.
Chair:George S. Goff
Cochairs:Daniel P. Lambert
Meiring Nortier
8:30 AMIsotope Production at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Leonard Mausner
8:55 AMProduction of Fission-Product Mo-99 Using Low-Enriched Uranium
George F. Vandegrift
9:20 AMIndustrial Application of Ion Exchange Process for Recovery of Thorium Isotopes for Medical Application
John D. Davis, Norman E. Brandon, Catherine R. Thomas, Melinda M. Adkins, Rachel L. Glass
9:45 AMHydrogen Generation in Testing to Support Chemical Processing of High Level Radioactive Waste in the Savannah River Site's Defense Waste Processing Facility
Daniel P. Lambert, John M. Pareizs, Bradley R. Pickenheim, Christopher J. Bannochie, Michael E. Stone, Damon R. Click, David T. Hobbs, Kimberly P. Crapse
10:10 AMA Portable Remote Chemical Analyzer for Identification of Deposits at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
Troy A. Wilfong, Jack Roberts, Edison Fernandez, Allison Kerns, Alan Morrow, Michael Melton, Wu, K Pan
10:35 AMInvestigation of Emulsion Characteristics by Neutron Activation
Charles A. Sparrow, Donna M. Rogers, Victor F. Medina

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