Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 105-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Interfacial Phenomena (01c)

#464 - Colloidal Assembly and Fabrication II - Field Assembly (01C13)
Contributed talks in the area of Colloidal Assembly and Fabrication which use electric or magnetic fields
Chair:Ryan C. Hayward
Cochairs:Sibani Lisa Biswal
Ilona Kretzschmar
Steven D. Hudson
12:30 PMDielectrophoretic Assembly of New Colloidal Structures from Janus and Patchy Metallodielectric Particles
Orlin D. Velev, Sumit Gangwal, Amar B. Pawar, Ilona Kretzschmar
12:50 PMDielectrophoretic Assembly of Interfacial Colloidal Crystals
Jaime J. Juárez, Michael A. Bevan
1:10 PMDirected Assembly of Particle Suspensions with Electrical Fields
Jason McMullan, Norman J. Wagner
1:30 PMRotational Dynamics of Chains Consisting of Hydrophobic Paramagnetic Chains
Dichuan Li, Weijia Xie, Sibani Lisa Biswal
1:50 PMBio-Inspired Assembly of Nanoplates by Capillary, Electrical, and Shear Forces
Wei-Han Huang, Tzung-Hua Lin, Inkook Jun, Peng Jiang
2:10 PMDirected Assembly of Colloidal Disk Particles by Gravitation and Flow Field
Zhengdong Cheng, Peng He, Andres F. Mejia
2:30 PMSimple Fabrication of Metallic Colloidal Doublets Having Electrical Connectivity
Joseph J. McDermott, Darrell Velegol

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