Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Franklin 11 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Topical G: International Fusion Energy Technology Topical (TG)

#349 - Fusion System Engineering (TG005)
The construction costs of ITER are estimated at five billion Euro over 10 years, and another five billion Euros are foreseen for the 20-year operation period. The contributions of the ITER Parties will for the largest part consist of components for the machine, so-called in kind contributions. The ITER project is one of the largest energy research and demonstration projects in the world and will require integrated and systematic approach to development, design, construction and eventually startup and operations. This session provides a venue for the advancement of new research and technology in the fusion energy sector with system engineering within the ITER project. Papers which discuss the system engineering aspects fusion energy are encouraged.
Chair:Juan Ferrada
CoChair:Stefano Chiocchio
CoSponsor(s):Research and New Technology Committee (18j)
Nuclear Engineering Division (14)
Topical 8: Hydrogen Production for a Hydrogen Economy (T8)
3:15 PMSystems Engineering and Risk Management on the National Compact Stellarator Project (NCSX)
Bob Simmons, Philip J. Heitzenroeder, Wayne T. Reiersen, G. Hutch Neilson
3:40 PMIntegrated Systems Engineering Approach to Manage the Installation and Start up of a Fusion Reactor
Stefano Chiocchio, Ingo Kuehn
4:05 PMSystems Engineering to Design a Water Cooling System for a Fusion Reactor
Seokho H. Kim, Jan Berry, Juan Ferrada, Kirby Wilcher, Karen McElhaney
4:30 PMOptimization of Cooling System Using Rami Analysis
Wayne T. Reiersen, Lee Cadwallader, Rebecca Moses, Juan Ferrada

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