Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Franklin 11 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Topical G: International Fusion Energy Technology Topical (TG)

#294 - Interaction of Materials with Coolant in Water-Cooled Fusion Reactors (TG004)
Water chemistry and corrosion issues in critical water-cooled components have the key influence on availability, reliability, and operational safety of the fusion reactor. This session provides a venue for the advancement of new research and technology applied to the fusion energy sector with particular focus on water chemistry and corrosion of materials, generation/transport of activated corrosion products and tritium. Papers which discuss these issues as applied to fusion energy systems are encouraged.
Chair:Andrei Y. Petrov
CoChair:Stanislav I. Golubov
12:30 PMWater Chemistry and Corrosion of Iter Tokamak Cooling Water Systems
Otakar Jonas, Lee M. Machemer
1:00 PMModeling of Activated Corrosion Product Transport: A Theoretical Approach
Stanislav I. Golubov, Jeremy T. Busby, Roger E. Stoller, Andrei Petrov
1:30 PMA Review of Corrosion and Water Chemistry Aspects Concerning the Tokamak Cooling Water Systems of Iter
Anders Molander
2:00 PMRole of Water Treatment in Corrosion Control of Iter Cooling Water System
Frances M. Cutler, Andrei Y. Petrov
2:30 PMEffect of Water Chemistry on Aqueous Corrosion of Copper
Tamara I. Petrova

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