Monday, November 17, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Franklin 11 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Topical G: International Fusion Energy Technology Topical (TG)

#88 - Fusion Fuel Cycle and Hydrogen Processing (TG002)
This session provides a venue for the advancement of new research and technology in the fusion energy sector with particular focus on advancing fusion fuel cycle and hydrogen processing research. Papers which address engineering in fusion fuel cycle and hydrogen processing are encouraged. Papers which discuss the development and status of the Tokamak exhaust and isotope separation, storage, delivery systems for the ITER fusion energy project are highly encouraged.
Chair:Bernice Rogers
CoChair:James E. Klein
CoSponsor(s):Research and New Technology Committee (18j)
Nuclear Engineering Division (14)
12:30 PMPredictions of H Isotope Separation Using Crystalline and Amorphous Membranes: A Computational Approach
Lymarie Semidey-Flecha, Shiqiang Hao, Chen Ling, David S. Sholl
12:55 PMIter Tokamak Exhaust Processing System
Bernice Rogers, Donald J. Green
1:20 PMIter Pellet Injection Fueling System
Larry R. Baylor, Steven J. Meitner, David A. Rasmussen
1:45 PMIter Tokamak Exhaust Processing Testing
Bryan Carlson, R. Scott Willms
2:10 PMMeasurement of the 3He Permeability of Deuterium-Tritium-Filled Fused Silica Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Targets to Study the Effects of 3He on Neutron Emission during Implosion
Stephen N. Paglieri, Joseph R. Wermer, Hailey M. Murdock, Arthur Nobile, Jr., Hans W. Herrmann, Thomas J. Venhaus, James R. Langenbrunner, Joseph M. Mack

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