Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Salon D (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Combustion (07j)

#552 - Oxycombustion of Coal – Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges (07J01)
Oxy-combustion (OC) of Coal refers to using oxygen-enriched air as the oxidant. Compared to combustion with air, OC, coupled with staged combustion, intrinsically reduces NOx emissions and the elimination of nitrogen from the combustion air produces a CO2-rich, sequestration-ready flue gas. This session will explore the science and engineering opportunities to deploy OC technology into the nation's power production portfolio. Contributions are invited in the following: 1. recent results on oxycombustion of coal and other solid fuels; 2. burner redesign and retrofit options for OC; 3. ignition, devolatilization, and pollutant formation mechanisms during OC; 4. kinetic and CFD modeling of OC processes; 5. Engineering options for retrofitting; and 6. new OC boiler design - materials and engineering challenges.
Chair:Eric G. Eddings
CoChair:Arun C. Bose
CoSponsor(s):Environmental Division (09)
3:15 PMOxy-Coal Combustion: Effects of PO2 on Coal Jet Stability In O2/CO2 Environments
Jingwei Zhang, Eric G. Eddings, Jost O.L. Wendt
3:40 PMRole of Recycle on Emissions from Oxy-Coal Combustion
S. Michael Daukoru, Ying Li, Pratim Biswas
4:05 PMModeling, Construction and Operation of An Integrated Pollutant Removal Process at An Oxy-Combustion Test Facility
Stephen J. Gerdemann, Thomas Ochs, Danylo Oryshchyn, Cathy Summers
4:30 PMOxygen Sorbents for Oxy-Fuel Combustion
Gokhan O. Alptekin, Ambalavanan Jayaraman, Margarita Dubovik, Lauren Brickner
4:55 PMOxycoal Firing in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
Eric G. Eddings, Astrid E. Sánchez, Liyong Wang, Fanor Mondragón

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