Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
414/415 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Interfacial Phenomena (01c)

#510 - Solid-Liquid Interfaces I (01C06)
This session welcomes contributions describing experiment and theory in the area of interfacial phenomena at solid-liquid interfaces. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to): wetting, capillarity, adhesion, electrochemistry, surface and interfacial engineering, responsive and functional surfaces, and self-assembly.
Chair:Joelle Frechette
Cochairs:Rafael Tadmor
Di Gao
12:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
12:35 PMPhotosystem I Films at Nanoporous Gold Leaf Electrodes
G. Kane Jennings, Peter N. Ciesielski
12:55 PMDescription of Reaction Kinetics at Solid-Liquid Interfaces for Monolayer Modified Electrodes In Contact with Aqueous Electrolytes In the Absence of Redox Active Species
Chaitanya Gupta, Mark A. Shannon, Paul J. A. Kenis
1:15 PMDynamic Response of Low-Density Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold
Gloria Olivier, Joelle Frechette
1:35 PMElectrochemical Characteristics of Ionic Liquid at Metal Surface
Surya Sekhar Moganty, Pubudu Goonetilleke, Ruth Baltus, Dipankar Roy
1:55 PMElectrochemical Study on Surface Film Formation on Copper In Phosphoric and Nitric Acid
Bum Soo Kim, Caitlin Kilroy, Stephen P. Beaudoin
2:15 PMInvestigations of Transient and Equilibrium Zeta Potential on Mica and Silica
Danish Faruqui, Paul J. Sides, Andrew J. Gellman
2:35 PMAdsorption Isotherm of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate In Hydrate Particles
Jae W. Lee, Chi Lo, Junshe Zhang, Alexander Couzis, S. Lu, Ponisseril Somasundaran
2:55 PMConcluding Remarks

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