Friday, November 21, 2008: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM
Room 202-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Computers in Operations and Information Processing (10c)

#733 - Industrial Applications and Implementations in Operations (10C12)
This session focuses on the practical applications of Process Systems Engineering. Areas of interest include applications of fundamental research in modeling, optimization and control in Enterprise wide optimization including scheduling, planning and control of supply chains. Product and process design including microsystems, metabolic networks, and separation systems. Process control and safety Papers on proven applications of process systems engineering in operations, collaborations between academia and industry with a potential future impact, and case studies are welcome.
Chair:Ajay Lakshmanan
CoChair:Shivakumar Kameswaran
8:00 AMOptimal Model-Based Production Planning for Refinery Operations
Abdulrahman M. Alattas, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Ignasi Palou-Rivera
8:20 AMPeninsular Malaysia Operation Gas Fields Flow Network Optimization Model
Shahrul Azman Zainal abidin, Wai Chong Low
8:40 AMIntegrated Economic Optimization and Model Predictive Control of Bio-Fuel Production Plant
Carl A. Schweiger, Bijan Sayyar-Rodsari
9:00 AMDynamic Simulation for Best Performance of Multi-Stage Compression System during Plant Startup
Xiongtao Yang, Kuyen Li, Qiang Xu
9:20 AMEnabling Model Based Decision Making by Sharing Consistent Equation Oriented Dynamic Models Between Multiple Simulation and Optimization Environments
Ajay Lakshmanan, Ashok Bhakta, Gabriel Lopez-Calva, James Fielding, Ajay Modi, James Goom
9:40 AMRefinery Lpg Transfer and Storage Scheduling. A Genetic Algorithm Approach
Roger Rocha, Marcus V. S. Poggi de Arag„o
10:00 AMImplementation of Predictive Functional Control on a High-Pressure Distillation Column
Bram Satriadarma, Harvey Arellano-Garcia, Guenter Wozny

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