Thursday, November 20, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 204-C (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Systems and Process Control (10b)

#641 - Dynamics and Control of Energetically Sustainable Processes (10B13)
Papers that discuss control issues in energetically sustainable systems.
Chair:Prodromos Daoutidis
CoChair:Sourabh K. Dash
12:30 PMDynamics and Control of Vapor Recompression Distillation
Sujit S. Jogwar, Michael Baldea, Prodromos Daoutidis
12:55 PMModel Predictive Control of Feed Flow Reversal In a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process
Panagiotis D. Christofides, Alex Bartman, Charles McFall, Yoram Cohen
1:20 PMNetworked Control and Scheduling of Distributed Energy Resources: Application to Biomass Gas-Fueled Fuel Cell Networks
Nael H. El-Farra, Yin Xu, Yulei Sun, Sathyendra Ghantasala
1:45 PMIncipient Fault Detection in Offshore Oil and Gas Production Platforms: Hybrid Electro-Mechanical Monitoring of Rotating Equipment
Sathish Natarajan, Rajagopalan Srinivasan, Ashwin Khambadkone
2:10 PMSuccessful Industrial Application of Robust Inferential Sensors for NOx Emissions Monitoring
Zdravko Stefanov, Leo H. Chiang, Arthur Kordon, James Edwards, David Roberts, Rodney Roubique, Charles Harper
2:35 PMApplying Advanced Process Control to Fccu in a Petroleum Refinery
Xiaoming Jin, Maying Yang

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