Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Congress A Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Membrane-Based Separations (02d)

#488 - Modeling Transport in Membrane Processes (02D14)
Papers are sought in all areas of membrane transport from molecular transport in membrane materials to mass transfer in membrane modules. Work related to applications in fuel processing, energy production, and bioseparations is of particular interest.
Chair:Ruth E. Baltus
CoChair:Jennifer Wilcox
12:30 PMMolecular Simulation of the Transport of Flue Gases through Surface-Modified Inorganic Membranes
Jennifer J. Williams, Tina Düren, Nigel A. Seaton
12:50 PMPore Network Simulation of Transport and Separation of Gaseous Mixtures through Nanoporous Membranes
Mitra Abdolahi, Rayan Mourhatch, Feng Chen, Theodore Tsotsis, Muhammad Sahimi
1:10 PMCfd Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Mass Transfer in Membrane Modules for Gas Mixture Separation
Mirella Coroneo, Jacopo Catalano, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Giuseppina Montante, Alessandro Paglianti
1:30 PMThe Effect of Sweep Uniformity on Gas Dehydration Modules
Pingjiao Hao, G. Glenn Lipscomb
1:50 PMModelling of Ion Transport across Anion Exchange Membranes Under Current Reversal Conditions
Oscar A. Prado, Sten B. Jĝrgensen, Gunnar Jonsson
2:10 PMSeparation of Azeotropic Alcohol-Water Mixtures with Fricdiff
Bianca Breure, E. a. J. F. Peters, P. J. a. M. Kerkhof
2:30 PMAnalysis of Pressure and Sweep Diffusion-Enhanced Membrane Separation
Jerry H. Meldon

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