Thursday, November 20, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Congress A Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Membrane-Based Separations (02d)

#701 - Membranes for Hydrogen Purification (02D12)
Papers that address the formation and characterization of materials for hydrogen purification are sought.
Chair:Stephen N. Paglieri
CoChair:Yi Hua Ma
3:15 PMIntroductory Remarks
3:17 PMPrediction of H2 Permeance through Pd-Based Binary and Pdcu-Based Ternary Alloys Via Ab-Initio Calculations
Lymarie Semidey-Flecha, Chen Ling, David S. Sholl
3:40 PMThe Effect of H2s on the Long-Term Stability of Pd-Cu Membranes and the Characteristics of H2s Poisoning of Electroless Deposited Pd
Natalie Pomerantz, Yi Hua Ma, Elisabeth Shaw
4:03 PMCharacterization of Sulfur Resistance of Pd-Au Hydrogen Separation Membranes Prepared by Galvanic Displacement
Chao-Huang Chen, Yi Hua Ma
4:26 PMBreak
4:31 PMRelevance of Concentration Polarization on Hydrogen Flux through a Thin, Highly Selective Pd80-Ag20 Ceramic Supported Membrane
Jacopo Catalano, Marco Giacinti Baschetti, Giulio C. Sarti
4:54 PMElectroless Plating of Palladium Onto a Cordierite Monolith for Portable Hydrogen Extraction
Daejin Kim, Alexander Kellogg, Benjamin A. Wilhite
5:17 PMDevelopment of Group V Based Metal Membranes for Hydrogen Separation
Stephen N. Paglieri, Micheal V. Ciocco, Robert E. Buxbaum, Bryan D. Morreale
5:40 PMConcluding Remarks

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