Thursday, November 20, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Membrane-Based Separations (02d)

#723 - Poster Session: Membranes (02D10)
Posters in all areas of membrane science and engineering are welcome in this session.
Chair:Ranil Wickramasinghe
CoChair:Jamie A. Hestekin
Optimization of Synthesized Sodium a (NaA) Zeolite Membranes
Dacho Kunnakorn, Sujitra Wongkasemjit, Thirasak Rirksomboon, Pavadee Aungkavattana, Neeranut Kuanchertchoo, Santi Kulprathipanja
Mixed Matrix Membrane for Gas Separation
Thanakorn Suntiworawut, Thirasak Rirksomboon, Santi Kulprathipanja
Transport Phenomena In Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Using Molecular Dynamics
Pil Seung Chung, Parag Jain, Lorenz T. Biegler, Myung S. Jhon
Pure Gas Permeability Measurements on Bis(phenoxyethoxy) and Bis(tert-butylphenoxyethoxy) Polyphosphazenes
Christopher J. Orme, Frederick F. Stewart
Evaluating the Impacts of Fouling Index Values on Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling
Young Haeng Lee, Chanhyuk Park, Sanghyup Lee, Jaehoon Kim, Seockheon Lee, Dooil Kim, Seongpil Jeong
Surface Modified Nonwoven Fabrics for Bioseparations
Haiyan Liu, Patrick V. Gurgel, Yong Zheng, Omon Herigstad, Benham Pourdeyhimi, Ruben G. Carbonell
Preparation of Superhydrophobic Pvdf Membranes by Electrospinning of Fluorine-Silane Functionalized Pvdf
Yingbo Chen, Qifeng Liu, Hern Kim
Supported Liquid Membranes with Strip Dispersion for the Recovery of Cephalexin
Michael E. Vilt, W. S. Winston Ho
Synthesis and Characterization of Cross-Linked Polyvinylalcohol / Polyethyleneglycol Blend Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation
Rong Xing, Winston Ho
Preparation of Composite Nanofibers and Membranes by Electrospinning of Pvdf Solution Containing Hpa
Yingbo Chen, Hern Kim
Preparation of Poly(ethylene glycol)-Grafted Polycaprolactone Porous Membranes by Using Oxygen Plasma to Prevent Fibroblast Adhesion
Chi Yen, Hongyan He, Zhengzheng Fei, W.S. Winston Ho, L. James Lee
Supramolecular Proton Exchange Membranes
Alan Fuchs, Joko Sutrisno, Cahit Evrensel, Faramarz Gordaninejad, Barkan Kavlicoglu, Yanming Liu
Membrane Extraction in Cross-Flow Rectangular Modules with Reflux for Improved Performance
Ho-Ming Yeh
Ultrafiltration in Turbular Membranes Inserted Concentrically with a Ring Rod of Varying Ring Distances
Ho-Ming Yeh
Preparation of Zr(IV)-Loaded Membranes for Decontamination of as(V) from Aqueous Solutions
Shuaiwen Zou, Yuming Zheng, Soh Fong Lim, Yu-Ting Wei, J. Paul Chen
Fabrication of Polysulfone Membrane for the Treatment of Oil-in-Water Emulsion
Bandana Chakrabarty, Mihir K. Purkait, Aloke Kumar Ghoshal
Applicability of Membrane Pervaporation for Ammonia Removal from Wastewater
Mausumi Mukhopadhyay, Anil Kumar

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