Friday, November 21, 2008: 10:45 AM-1:15 PM
Room 108-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Biomaterials (08b)

#770 - Stimuli Responsive Biomaterials (08B13)
This session will present on materials that respond to an external stimulus.
Chair:Matt J. Kipper
CoSponsor(s):Polymers (08a)
10:45 AMAcid Sensitive Polymers for Drug Delivery
Eric Bachelder, S. E. Paramonov, J Dashe, T. T. Beaudette, J. M. J. Frechet
11:10 AMReductively Degradeable Polymeric Assemblies Constructed from Polyethyleneoxide-S-S-Polycaprolactone Diblock Copolymer for Applications In Drug Delivery
Karthikan Rajagopal, Dennis E. Discher
11:35 AMSynthesis of Thermo-Responsive Polymeric Micelles of Pnipaam-B-Omma as a Drug Carrier for Loading and Controlled Release of Prednisolone
Dapeng Cao, Wei Li, Weixia Tu
12:00 PMSurface Modification of Monodisperse Magnetic Nanoparticles with Fluorescent-Thermo-Responsive Polymeric Shells for Biomedical Applications
Adriana P. Herrera, Yashira Zallas, Carlos Rinaldi
12:25 PMPlasma Polymerization of Thermoresponsive Poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) for the Release of Multiple Cell Types
Heather E. Canavan, Jamie A. Reed, Adrianne E. Lucero, Steven Candelaria
12:50 PMCreasing Instability of Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Gels
Jungwook Kim, Ryan C. Hayward

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