Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 202-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Systems and Process Control (10b)

#240 - Process Monitoring and Identification (10B09)
Papers that report novel tools for process monitoring, fault detection and plant identification are solicited.
Chair:Kenneth A. Debelak
CoChair:Manish Misra
8:30 AMA Metric for Monitoring Mpc Optimization Strategy
William Canney
8:50 AMComputation of Arrival Cost for Moving Horizon Estimation Via Unscented Kalman Filtering
Cheryl C.Y. Qu, Juergen Hahn
9:10 AMNonlinear Stochastic Modeling for State Estimation of An Industrial Polymerization Process
Fernando V. Lima, James B. Rawlings, Tyler A. Soderstrom
9:30 AMDesign of Experiments for Identification of Multivariable Models Satisfying Integral Controllability: The Dynamic Model Case
Mark Darby, Michael Nikolaou
9:50 AMCause and Effect Modeling from Plant Data
Derrick K. Rollins Sr., Swee-Teng Chin, Nidhi Bhandari
10:10 AMData-Driven State and Parameter Estimation Using Bayesian Belief Networks
Ameneh Sahraneshin, Nasir Mehranbod, Reza Eslamlouian, Masoud Soroush
10:30 AMModular Design of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Observers for State and Disturbance Estimation
Costas Kravaris, Georgios Savoglidis

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