Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Commonwealth D (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Low Pressure (01g)

#452 - Topics in Surface Science and Catalysis II (01G02)
This session features focuses on surface science studies in the area of catalysis. We welcome both experimental and modeling work focusing on elucidating phenomena relevant to catalysis through fundamental surface science studies. This session is not restricted to ultra-high vacuum work, and we are especially interested in surface science studies under realistic reaction conditions.
Chair:Aravind R. Asthagiri
Cochairs:Noah McMillan
Alan E. Nelson
8:30 AMIntegration of Titanosilicate ETS-10 Crystals with Organosilane Functionalized Gallium Nitride Substrates
Mariam N. Ismail, Trevor L. Goodrich, Zhaoxia Ji, Katherine S. Ziemer, Juliusz Warzywoda, Al Sacco Jr.
8:48 AMTransport Studies In Nanopores Zeolites Under Ultra High Vacuum Condition
Subramanya Nayak, John Gleaves, P. A. Ramachandran, MIlorad P. Dudukovic
9:06 AMApparent Structure Sensitivity of the NO Oxidation Reaction on Pt Studied Using Model Catalysts
Andrew Smeltz, Shadab Mulla, Dmitry Zemlyanov, Fabio Ribeiro
9:24 AMA Principle of Corresponding Adsorption States for Atomic Adsorbates on Late Transition Metal Fcc(111) Surfaces
John Kitchin
9:42 AMBreak
9:48 AMMechanisms of Oxygen Activation and Surface Poisoning of RuO2(110) by Formation of Carbonate
Hangyao Wang, William F. Schneider
10:06 AMAdsorption of Water on a Pdo(101) Thin Film: Evidence of An Adsorbed HO-H2O Complex
Heywood H. Kan, Robert J. Colmyer, Aravind R. Asthagiri, Jason F. Weaver
10:24 AMMechanisms of CO Oxidation on Oxygen Pre-Dosed Ni(111) Surfaces
Guowen Peng, Jan Knudsen, Lindsay Merte, Ronnie T. Vang, Flemming Besenbacher, Manos Mavrikakis
10:42 AMFormyl (HCO) Verses Hydroxymethylidyne (COH) Surface Intermediates on Pt(111)
Liney Arnadottir, Hannes Jónsson, Eric M. Stuve

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