Monday, November 17, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 108-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Biomaterials (08b)

#135 - Biomaterials for Drug Delivery I (08B10)
This session focuses on the design and evaluation of different biomaterials that can be used in drug delivery.
Chair:Efrosini Kokkoli
CoChair:Norma Alcantar
3:15 PMA Mechanistic Modeling Approach to the Design and Evaluation of Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems
Ashlee N. Ford, Daniel W. Pack, Richard D. Braatz
3:35 PMCell Uptake of Morphologically Distinct Polymer Micelles
Takamasa Harada, Karthikan Rajagopal, Dennis E. Discher
3:55 PMSynthesis and Evaluation of Peptide-Functionalized Polymersomes for Targeted Drug Delivery to Colon Cancer Cells
Todd Pangburn, Frank S. Bates, Efrosini Kokkoli
4:15 PMFully Bioresorbable Polymeric Vesicles for Therapeutic Applications
Dalia H. Levine, P. Peter Ghoroghchian, Jaclyn Freudenberg, Geng Zhang, Guizhi Li, Kevin P. Davis, Frank Bates, Michael J. Therien, Ramachandran Murali, Daniel A. Hammer
4:35 PMA Novel Linear Dendritic Amphiphilic Block Copolymer as a Viable Drug Delivery Carrier
Zhiyong Poon, Paula T. Hammond, Shujun Chen
4:55 PMPolymer Nanoparticles That Overcome the Mucus Barrier and Their Efficacy In a Mouse Model of Human Lung Cancer
Benjamin C. Tang, Michelle R. Dawson, Samuel K. Lai, Ying-Ying Wang, Ming Yang, Jie Fu, D. Neil Watkins, Justin Hanes
5:15 PMDynamics of NOVEL Multifunctional, Intelligent Mucoadhesive Copolymers for Oral Protein Delivery
F. Michael Marks III, Anthony M. Lowman

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