Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 104-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Fluid Mechanics (01j)

#467 - Complex Multiphase Flows (01J14)
Contributed talks on multiphase flows characterized by especially complex behavior and/or by non-Newtonian rheology
Chair:Graham M. Harrison
CoChair:Anne M. Grillet
12:30 PMDynamics of Deformable Vesicles In Newtonian and Viscoelastic Media Under Flow
Michael D. Graham, Samartha G. Anekal, Juan P. Hernandez-Ortiz
12:45 PMDynamics of Strain-Hardening and Strain-Softening Capsules in Strong Extensional Flows
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos, Walter R. Dodson III
1:00 PMVibration-Induced Microfluidic Colloidal Island Self-Assembly and Erasure
Leslie Y. Yeo, Haiyan Li, James Friend
1:15 PMModeling the Dynamic Adhesion of Colloidal Particles In a Biomimetic System Based on Nanotextured Surfaces
Jeffrey M. Davis, Ranojoy D. Duffadar, Maria M. Santore
1:30 PMFluid and Particle Transport In Parallel-Wall Channels
Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, Eligiusz Wajnryb
1:45 PMCross-Stream Forces and Velocities of Fixed and Freely Suspended Particles In Viscoelastic Poiseuille Flow: Perturbation and Numerical Analyses
Eric F. Lee, Donald L. Koch, Yong Lak Joo
2:00 PMOscillatory Torsional Flow of Concentrated Suspensions
Kapil Deshpande, Nina C. Shapley
2:15 PMSuspensions of Magnetic Nanoparticles In Polymer Liquid Crystals. A New Type of Ferronematic
Darlene I. Santiago, Carlos Rinaldi
2:30 PMFinite Element Analysis of Multilayer Coextrusion
Robert T. Collins, Rekha R. Rao, Thomas A. Baer, P. Randall Schunk, Randy Mrozek, Joseph L. Lenhart, Lisa A. Mondy
2:45 PMMixing and Shear-Induced Migration in a 2D Time-Periodic Cavity-Driven Flow
Bu Xu, James F. Gilchrist

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