Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 104-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Fluid Mechanics (01j)

#417 - Interfacial Flows (01J11)
In this session, authors are invited to contribute talks in all areas of interfacial flows. Papers on the following subjects will be especially appropriate in this session: free surface flows due to surfactant and temperature gradients; electrohydrodynamics; drop/bubble/jet breakup and pinch-off singularities; microfluidics, e.g. two-fluid flows and ink jet printing; interfacial stability; foams; oil recovery; and wave dynamics.
Chair:Osman A. Basaran
CoChair:Hariprasad J. Subramani
8:30 AMBead Formation near the Contact Line
Parthasakha Neogi
8:45 AMInterfacial Stability in Turbulent Pressure-Driven Channel Flow
Lennon O Naraigh, Omar K. Matar, Peter D. M. Spelt, Tamer A. Zaki
9:00 AMElectrohydrodynamic Tip-Streaming and Emission of Charged Drops from Liquid Cones
Robert T. Collins, Jeremy J. Jones, Michael T. Harris, Osman A. Basaran
9:15 AMRegime Changes in Reactive Electrosprays
Peter Nemes, Samita Goyal, Akos Vertes
9:30 AMAnalysis of Formation of Water-In-Oil Emulsions
Clint P. Aichele, Waylon House, George J. Hirasaki, Hariprasad J. Subramani, Lee D. Rhyne, Walter G. Chapman
9:45 AMComputations of Drop Formation from a Micro Capillary in Co-Flowing Ambient Immiscible Liquid
Shunji Homma, Muneyuki Yokotsuka, Jiro Koga
10:00 AMInjected Drops with Surfactants: A Priori Scaling for Predicting Impeded Drop Necking
Vidya Venkataramani, Fang Jin, Kathleen J. Stebe
10:15 AMDrop Deformation and Breakup in Pressure-Driven Flow of Viscoelastic Two-Phase Systems
Shirin Sharifi Khobdeh, Ali Borhan
10:30 AMThe Effect of Surfactants on the Breakup of An Axisymmetric Laminar Jet
Justin R. Walker, Richard V. Calabrese

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