Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 104-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Fluid Mechanics (01j)

#365 - Non-Newtonian Flows (01J10)
Contributed talks on non-Newtonian flows
Chair:Anne M. Grillet
CoChair:Graham M. Harrison
3:15 PMFormation of Beads-on-a-String during Pinch-off of Viscoelastic Filaments
Pradeep P. Bhat, Matteo Pasquali, Gareth H. McKinley, Osman A. Basaran
3:30 PMEnergy Amplification In Channel Flows of Viscoelastic Fluids
Nazish Hoda, Mihailo R. Jovanovic, Satish Kumar
3:45 PMThe Effects of Polymer Molecular Weight on the Elastic Instabilities In Microchannels
Barry Scharfman, Paulo E. Arratia
4:00 PMHi Fidelity Multiscale Flow Simulation of Sedimentation of a Sphere In Dilute Polymeric Solutions
Arash Abedijaberi, Bamin Khomami
4:15 PMSlip-Link Simulations and Comparison to Single Molecule Studies of Entangled DNA In Shear Flow
Eric S. G. Shaqfeh, Ajey Dambal
4:30 PMVisualization of Individual DNA Chains In Entangled Solutions Using High-Speed Confocal Microscopy
Orin L. Hemminger, Pouyan E. Boukany, Shi-Qing Wang, L.S. Fan, L. James Lee
4:45 PMLinking Shear Banding and Orientational Order In Wormlike Micellar Solutions
Matthew H. Helgeson, Matthew D. Reichert, Norman J. Wagner, Eric Kaler
5:00 PMMotion of Drops and Bubbles In a Yield-Stress Fluid
Yulia Holenberg, Olga M. Lavrenteva, Uri Shavit, Avinoam Nir
5:15 PMThe Squeeze Flow of Yield Stress Fluids
Brooks D. Rabideau, Christophe Lanos, Philippe Coussot
5:30 PMFlow of Attractive Colloidal Suspensions in Microchannels and Constrictions
Jacinta C. Conrad, Jennifer A. Lewis

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