Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 104-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Fluid Mechanics (01j)

#422 - Microfluidics and Small-Scale Flows II (01J08)
Contributed talks on microfluidics and small-scale flows
Chair:Lynn M. Walker
CoChair:Anubhav Tripathi
Part 1 
8:30 AMStudy of Miscible and Immiscible Flows In a Microchannel Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Belinda S. Akpa, Sinead M. Matthews, Andrew J. Sederman, Kamran Yunus, Adrian C. Fisher, Michael L. Johns, Lynn F. Gladden
8:45 AMMicroscale Mixing of Mono- and Bi-Dispersed Microsphere Suspensions
Changbao Gao, James F. Gilchrist
9:00 AMSeparation by Diffusive Irreversibility In a Chaotic Stokes Flow In a Microchannel
Pavithra Sundararajan, Joseph D. Kirtland, Donald L. Koch, Abraham D. Stroock
9:15 AMConcentration Effects on Hydrodynamically Interacting Confined Flowing Polymer Solutions: Slit and Grooved Channels
Juan P. Hernandez-Ortiz, Michael D. Graham, Juan J. De Pablo
9:30 AMReversible and Permanent Flow-Induced Phase Transitions In Rodlike Micelle Solutions
M. Vasudevan, Eric Buse, H. Krishna, R. Kalyanaraman, Bamin Khomami, Amy Shen, R. Sureshkumar
Part 2 
9:45 AMFundamental Aspects of Concentration Polarization Arising from Non-Uniform Electrokinetic Transport
Aditya S. Khair, Todd M. Squires
10:00 AMSolvent Driven Motion of Lithographically Fabricated Gels
Noy Bassik, Beza Abebe, David H. Gracias
Part 3 
10:15 AMA Simple, Passive Pumping Method for Microfluidic Networks
Nicholas S. Lynn, David S. Dandy
10:30 AMAn Electronic Venturi-Based Pressure Microregulator
Dustin S. Chang, Sean M. Langelier, Mark A. Burns
10:45 AMElectrostatic Valves for Integrated Microfluidic Applications
Joshua D. Tice, Amit V. Desai, Christopher A. Apblett, Gregory A. Ten Eyck, Richard C. Givler, Paul J. A. Kenis

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