Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Washington A Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Process Research and Innovation (12a)

#521 - Applications of Chemometrics for Process Development (12A01)
Innovations in Process Development are empowered by using Chemometrics techniques to derive useful information from complex data systems. A wide range of chemometrics applications is encompassed in this session, including increased process understanding through optimization of experimental parameters, design of experiments, calibration, signal processing and enhancement of PAT development.
Chair:James Marek
CoChair:Jean W. Tom
3:15 PMWelcoming Remarks
3:20 PMIntroduction to Chemometrics -- Design of Experiments and Principal Component Analysis
Dongsheng Bu, Andrew Chu
3:45 PMData Exploration Analysis In Process Development: Application to API Characterization
Jose E. Tabora, Jessica Defreese, Prashant Deshpande, Jean Tom
4:10 PMScale-up a Complex Pharmaceutical Batch Process Using Mid-IR: The Role of Simple Peak Height Profiling, Partial Least Squares (PLS) Modeling and Dynamic Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Shan Lin, James Marek, Samrat Mukherjee
4:35 PMApplication of Chemometrics in Process Monitoring of Synthesizing Preferred Isomer
Dongsheng Bu, Andrew Chu
5:00 PMUtilization of Single Crystal X-Ray Studies of Process Relevant Pharmaceutical Crystal Forms to Support Qbd
John D. DiMarco, Michael A. Galella, Raymond P. Scaringe, Carolyn J. Pommier, Jack Z. Gougoutas

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