Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 106-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Topical 5: Green Engineering and Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry (T5)

#290 - Green Separations In the Pharmaceutical Industry (T5008)
This session will provide a forum for the discussion of green separations used in the pharmaceutical industry from research to manufacturing. Papers discussing recent advances, fundamentals, and industrial applications are welcome at the session. Topics include design, operation, and optimization of separation technologies, highly-selective separation methods such as ionic liquids, membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography, etc., case studies and industrial applications including optimization of traditional separation technologies to minimize environmental impact such as solvent replacement, and emerging trends and future directions in green separation in the pharmaceutical industry.
Chair:Alexander J. Marchut
CoChair:Mahmoud El-Halwagi
CoSponsor(s):Pharmaceuticals (15b)
12:30 PMGreen Separations in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography
Ram B. Gupta
12:55 PMAnalysis of Separation Methods for Isopropanol Recovery in the Celecoxib Process
Mariano J. Savelski, C. Stewart Slater, Gregory Hounsell, Daniel R. Pilipauskas, Frank J. Urbanski
1:20 PMCase Study of a Greener pH Swing Crystallization In a Double Feed Stirred Reactor
Daniel Sujo, Robert P. Hesketh, Dr. Stephanie Farrell
1:45 PMImproving the Synthesis-to-Hydrolysis Ratio for Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Using Membrane Reactors
Andria L. Deaguero, Andreas S. Bommarius
2:10 PMMembrane Aided Reclamation of Waste Chemical Streams
Isaac J. Gaon
2:35 PMThermally and Chemically Resistant Novel Perfluoromembrane Reactors for Enhancing Reaction Rates and Conversion for Equilibrium-Limited Reactions
Stuart Nemser, Sudip Majumdar, Joseph Fox, Maksim Royzen, Andrew DeAngelis

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