Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 204-C (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (10d)

#433 - Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation (10D01)
Pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics in chemical engineering encompass subjects of bifurcation, instability, and pattern formation in the areas of transport phenomena, biology, and chemical reaction engineering. The applications range from materials processing, biological processes, environmental studies, and microgravity physics. This session is about applied mathematical tools used to analyze nonlinear dynamical and pattern forming systems as well as experimental displays of phenomena.
Chair:Ileana C. Carpen
CoChair:Alberto Striolo
CoSponsor(s):Systems and Process Control (10b)
8:30 AMElectromechanically-Driven Complex Void Dynamics In Metallic Thin Films
Vivek Tomar, M. Rauf Gungor, Dimitrios Maroudas
8:50 AMElastic Stability and Structural Response of Body-Centered Cubic Crystals Under Uniaxial and Hydrostatic Loading
Hadrian Djohari, Frederick Milstein, Dimitrios Maroudas
9:10 AMEngineering Complexity In Chemically-Reacting Dynamical Systems: Studies on Electrode Arrays
Craig G. Rusin, Istvan Z. Kiss, Hiroshi Kori, John L. Hudson
9:30 AMEffect of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Rates on the Palladium Catalysed Phenylacetylene Oxidative Carbonylation Reaction
Katarina Novakovic, Mark J. Willis, Allen R. Wright
9:50 AMFront Velocity and Criterion of Transversal Patterns In Packed-Bed Reactors
Moshe Sheintuch, Olga Nekhamkina
10:10 AMPattern Formation and Chaotic Dynamics In a Model of Simultaneous Oxidation and Reduction In Three-Way Catalytic Converters
Martin Kohout, Milan Kubicek, Milos Marek, Igor Schreiber

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