Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franklin 5 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Crystallization and Evaporation (02b)

#235 - Particle Formation and Crystallization Processes from Liquids or Slurry (02B01)
Particle Formation And Crystallization Processes From Liquids Or Slurry
Chair:Chiajen Lai
CoChair:Bing-Shiou Yang
CoSponsor(s):Particle Production and Characterization (03a)
8:30 AMThe Role of Solid and Liquid Phase Nonidealities In Determining the Solubility and Purity of Isomorphic Compounds
Angel Olivera-Toro, Amyn S. Teja
8:50 AMParticle Engineering of a Pharmaceutical Intermediate Via Crystal Agglomeration
Chiajen Lai, William Bartels, Justin Burt, Jessica Defreese, Prashant Deshpande, Junying Fan, Srividya Ramakrishnan, Chenchi Wang
9:10 AMNovel Chiral Separation Via Integration of Membrane Separation with Cooling Crystallization: Dl-Glutamic Acid Resolution
Apichit Svang-Ariyaskul, William J. Koros, Ronald W. Rousseau
9:30 AMSimultaneous Separation of Fullerene C60 and C70 Solids Using a Crystallization-Based Process
Kui S. Kwok, Yik C. Chan, Ka M. Ng
9:50 AMSaxs and PFG-NMR Investigations of Zeolite Synthesis Mixtures
Daniel F. Shantz
10:10 AMThe Formation of Nano Sized Glycine Crystals on Engineered Surfaces
Kitae Kim, Insung Lee, Allan S. Myerson
10:30 AMSolvent Topography and Steric Factors: Effects on Crystal Morphology
Charles Acquah, Arunprakash T. Karunanithi, Matthew Cagnetta, Luke E. K. Achenie, Steven Suib

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