Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 203-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20)

#24 - Computational Fluid Dynamics In Chemical Reaction Engineering (20041)
Contributions are solicited for this session, which focus on approaches to chemical reactor design and modeling using computational fluid dynamics. The theme of the session is the improved design and analysis of chemical reactors, by a more realistic description of the fluid flow within them. We encourage papers that focus on novel applications of CFD for chemical reactor design, scale-up and optimization. Contributions can range from fundamental studies to improvement of CFD models and applications to industrial processes.
Chair:Anthony G. Dixon
CoChair:Nitin H. Kolhapure
8:30 AMCfd Applied in the Design and Trouble Shooting of Reactors
Sue Degaleesan
8:55 AM3D Simulation of the Local Flow Field In Ceramic Foam Structures
Hannsjörg Freund, Amer Inayat, Jürgen Bauer, Thomas Zeiser, Wilhelm Schwieger
9:20 AMModeling of Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation in Trickle-Bed Reactor Assisted with Volume of Fluid Method
Rodrigo J.G. Lopes, Rosa M. Quinta-Ferreira
9:45 AMIntra-Particle Diffusion/Reaction Modeling for Strongly Endothermic Reactions in Low-N Tubes with Cfd
M. Ertan Taskin, Alexandre Troupel, Anthony G. Dixon, Michiel Nijemeisland, Hugh Stitt
10:10 AMInfluence of the Break up and Coalescence Models in a Bubbly Flow
Milton Mori, Marcela Kotsuka Silva, Marcos D'Ávila, Renato Dionísio

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