Friday, November 21, 2008: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM
Room 104-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20)

#727 - CO Hydrogenation I (20023)
Chair:Dragomir B. Bukur
CoChair:Burtron H. Davis
8:00 AMWelcoming Remarks
8:02 AMSelective F-T Synthesis for the Production of Middle Distillates
Yuhan Sun, Yao Xu, Jiangang Chen
8:25 AMSilica-Supported Cobalt Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Effect of Support Surface Area, Calcination Temperature and Preparation Medium
Alaa Kababji, Babu Joseph, John Wolan
8:50 AMCatalyst Docking Stations on Carbon Nanotubes Used In Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Rajesh A. Khatri, Uschi M. Graham, Alan Dozier, Neil J. Coville, Burtron H. Davis
9:15 AMProspect of Success in Scaling-up Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reactor Operates in near-Critical and Supercritical Phase Media
Nimir O. Elbashir
9:40 AMStudies of the C-Number Distribution in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Yoshifumi Suehiro, Xiaohao Liu, To Jiu, Kaoru Fujimoto
10:05 AMFischer-Tropsch Synthesis by Nb2O5-Supported Iron or Cobalt Catalysts
Demian P. Fabiano, Marcos N. Napolitano, Gustavo A. Teixeira, Lais L. Guimaraes, Lara C. A. Fonseca, Ricardo Reis Soares
10:30 AMConcluding Remarks

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