Thursday, November 20, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
307-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Bioengineering (15c)

#620 - Systems Biotechnology I (15C16)
The Systems Biotechnology session invites presentations of i) the newest developments in systems-oriented theoretical, computational and experimental approaches for understanding of emerging properties of complex biological processes; and ii) application of such approaches to important biological systems relevant for biotechnology development ranging from production of commercially relevant chemicals to understanding human pathophysiology.
Chair:Vassily Hatzimanikatis
CoChair:Cynthia Collins
8:30 AMModel-Guided Design of a Refactored Metabolic Pathway
Howard Salis, Zhirong Li, Krishna Niyogi, Christopher Voigt
8:50 AMAn Externally-Tunable Bacterial Band-Pass Filter for Enzymatic Activity
Takayuki Sohka, Richard A. Heins, Ryan M. Phelan, Jennifer Greisler, Craig A. Townsend, Marc Ostermeier
9:10 AMTranscriptional Effects of Crp* Expression In Escherichia Coli
Reza Khankal, Debashis Ghosh, Patrick C. Cirino
9:30 AMRegulation of Pentose Transport and Metabolism
Tasha Desai, Christopher V. Rao
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMKnockout of Transcriptional Regulators for Decoupling Solvent Formation from Sporulation In Clostridium Acetobutylicum
Bryan P. Tracy, Eleftherios Terry Papoutsakis
10:20 AMImproving Complex Phenotypes by Mutagenesis of the Bacterial RNA-Polymerase Holoenzyme: New Approaches for Transcriptional Engineering
Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer, Gregory Stephanopoulos
10:40 AMGeneration and Characterization of Novel Pathways to Degrade Xenobiotics
Stacey D. Finley, Linda J. Broadbelt, Vassily Hatzimanikatis

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