Thursday, November 20, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
303-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15d)

#693 - High Throughput Technologies (15D11)
High-throughput screening methods have revolutionized the analysis of biological systems. Investigators are now seeking fast, inexpensive, and reliable methods for simultaneous analysis of all biological molecules. The focus of this session will be high-throughput, parallel analytical techniques useful for the global analysis of biological systems. Additionally, submissions discussing high-throughput screening methods for therapeutic identification, pathway optimization, directed evolution, or process improvement are also of interest.
Chair:Kaushal Rege
CoChair:Charles M. Roth
3:15 PMAntibody Microarrays for Probing the Binding Cooperativity of Leukemia-Associated Cell Surface Antigens
Chaofang Yue, Yuan Yuan, Bo Yu, J. James Lee, Michael E. Paulaitis
3:35 PMAntibody Microarrays for Immunoisolation of T-Cells and Immunodetection of Secreted Cytokines
He Zhu, Gulnaz Stybayeva, Erlan Ramanculov, Satya Dandekar, Michael George, Alexander Revzin
3:55 PMHigh Throughput Platelet Activation Kinetics
Manash S. Chatterjee, Scott L. Diamond
4:15 PMScreening Tools for the High-Throughput Analysis of CYP450-Mediated Drug Metabolism and CYP450 Inhibition
Sumitra Sukumaran, Moo-Yeal Lee, Benjamin Potsaid, Douglas S. Clark, Jonathan S. Dordick
4:35 PMIntermission
4:45 PMUse of Fibrin Hydrogels for Localized and Cell-Controlled Lentiviral Gene Transfer
Shruti Raut, Roshan Padmashali, Pedro Lei, Stelios T. Andreadis
5:05 PMParallel Gene Delivery for Cell-Based Activity Assays
Abigail D. Bellis, Lonnie D. Shea
5:25 PMCombinatorial Cell-Based Screening of Biodegradable Polymer Films and Microspheres: Implications for Vaccine Delivery
Latrisha K. Petersen, Andrew Adler, Jennifer H. Wilson, Michael Wannemuehler, Rajan Krishna, Xue Li, Balaji Narasimhan

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