Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 109-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Pharmaceuticals (15b)

#360 - Mixing Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry (15B22)
The utilization of mixing technology in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is critical to a broad spectrum of applications. These applications include preparation of APIs, methods of fermentation and cell culture, downstream processing of biologicals, and pharmaceutical operations including suspension handling, and emulsification. Utilization of mixing theory and evolving experimental methods are required for successful development and scale-up. We invite papers in these (and related) areas describing mixing-related process development work, as well as methodologies to scale up or scale down mixing-sensitive processes.
Chair:Christopher L. Burcham
CoChair:Otute Akiti
CoSponsor(s):North American Mixing Forum (06)
3:15 PMExperimental and Computational Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of Partially Baffled and Unbaffled Stirred Tank Reactor Systems Equipped with a Retreat-Blade Impeller
Giuseppe Di Benedetto, Deepak R. Madhrani, Piero M. Armenante
3:35 PMLow Shear Mixing with a Novel Impeller Design
Chris Hibshman, Wojtek Wyczalkowski
3:55 PMPredictive Modeling for Mixing and Feeding Processes Using Kriging Apporach
Zhenya Jia, Eddie Davis, Fernando J. Muzzio, M.G. Ierapetritou
4:15 PMEnhancement of Shelf-Life and Handling Properties of Drug Nanoparticles: Nanoscale Mixing of Itraconazole with Silica
Ganesh Sanganwar, Ram B. Gupta
4:35 PMBreak
4:45 PMA Hydrodynamic Method for the Production of Nanoparticles
Eric Jayjock, Fernando J. Muzzio
5:05 PMCoupled Effects Between Process and Formulation Variables on Rheological Properties of Highly Concentrated Water-In-Oil Emulsions
Oscar A. Alvarez, Lionel Choplin, Veronique Sadtler, Marie José Stébé, Philippe Marchal
5:25 PMStudy of Tablet Coating Thickness Uniformity Using Libs, Dem and Compartment Modeling
Atul Dubey, Patricia M. Portillo, Fernando J. Muzzio

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