Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Pharmaceuticals (15b)

#569 - Pharmaceuticals Poster Session (15B11)
Poster session
Chair:Victor Hung
CoChair:Jessica Defreese
A Unified Mathematical Model for Predicting Controlled Release from Surface and Bulk Eroding Matrices without Regression
Sam N. Rothstein, William Federspiel, Steven Little
Numerical Analysis of Multicomponent Flow and Condensation In a Dhp Chamber
Radompon Sungkorn, Pietro Santagati, Stefan Radl, Johannes Khinast
Evaluating Biopharmaceutical Economics and Capacity with Process Simulation Tools
Charles Siletti, Victor Papavasileiou, Demetri Petrides
Analysis and Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Processes Under Uncertainty Using Process Simulation and Risk Analysis Tools
Charles Siletti, Demetri Petrides
Facilitating Bioprocess Development and Technology Transfer with Computer Aids
Demetri Petrides, Charles Siletti
Synthesis and Purification of 2-Heptylpropargylamine
Lin Yang, Rongji Dai, Wei Liu, Yulin Deng
Preparation of Aliphatic Amines by the Leuckart Reaction
Lin Yang, Rongji Dai, Wei Liu, Yulin Deng
Micro Thermal Ablation for Transdermal Drug Delivery
Jeong-Woo Lee, Priya Gadiraju, Jung-Hwan Park, Mark Allen, Mark Prausnitz
Supercritical Impregnation of Anticancer Drug into Biodegradable Polymer
Keisuke Sato, Satoshi Yoda, Hideko T. Oyama
Polymer Films as Carriers for Spatially Dispersed Micro- and Nano-Size Drug Particles
Bo Zhou, Teresa Carvajal, David Nivens, Rodolfo Pinal
Evaluation of the Flow Properties of Pollen Shape Hydroxyapatite Particles for Dry Powder Inhalation
Meer Saiful Hassan, Yongsheng Wang, Rong Xu, Raymond Lau
Reverse Aqueous Aggregates In Hydrofluoroalkanes for the Non-Invasive Regional Delivery of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics to the Lungs
Parthiban Selvam, Balaji Bharatwaj, Sandro R. P. da Rocha
A Study of Diffusion and Release of Doxorubicin and Sulforhodamine In Porous Alumina
Bradley R. Gordon, Charles E. Luckett, Douglas S. English, Sheryl H. Ehrman, Daniel D. Lim
Hydrogel Nanocomposites as Remote Controlled Biomaterials
Nitin S. Satarkar, J. Zach Hilt
Wet Granulation Process Via Foams and Drops
Melvin X.L. Tan, Karen P. Hapgood
Determination of Atorvastatin In Human Plasma with Solid Phase Micro-Extraction Followed by LC Ms/ms Method and Its Application to Pharmacokinetics Study
Pattarawit Rukthong, Korbtham Sathirakul
Analyzing the Data from An Anderson Cascade Impactor. A Computational Perspective
Yuriy Gulak, Eric Jayjock, Fernando J. Muzzio
A Quantitative Study of the Effects of Humidity on the Adhesion of Pharmaceutical Particles to Stainless Steel
Kyung Min Lee, Dave Balachandran, M. Teresa Carvajal, Stephen P. Beaudoin
Finite Element Analysis of Tablet Compaction Using a Modified Material Model
Tuhin Sinha, Jennifer S. Curtis, Bruno C. Hancock, Carl R. Wassgren
Ultrasonic Sound Propagation In Porous Materials
Omar L. Sprockel, Erik Yang, Dimuthu A. Jayawickrama, Shih-Ying Chang, Lei Li
Powder Flow Characterization from Avalanche Behavior
Jose E. Tabora, Ryan Cullen, Steven Chan, Steve Wang
Selection of An Appropriate Auger and Funnel Combination Using Statistical Analysis of in Process Data to Achieve a Stable and Consistent Sachet Filling Operation
Ganeshkumar A. Subramanian, Admassu Abebe, Robert Jerzewski, James Bergum, Faranak Nikfar, Sushmita Bhattacharjya, Xin Bu
Development of a Process for Crystallizing the Desired Crystal Form of An API
Christianto Wibowo, Roberto Novoa, Michal Hasson
Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals Via Microfluidic Crystallization
Defne Kayrak-Talay, Jared Baird, Lynne S. Taylor, James D. Litster

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